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  Posted by James Scott
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Feb 21/16 7:22pm

I have been using a new coaching app called "Coaches Eye" (can be purchased through the app store for approx $7) which enables the user to capture video and then use a variety of tools to analyze and provide feedback to your athletes through the sharing feature.  I particularly like two main features where you can add a compare screen that allows you to show a comparison between your athlete and a more technically correct demo (or season start/season end) as well as the slo mo option.

I have begun to take a few minutes at the beginning of practice to capture short video clips and use this as another form of feedback for my athletes.

It could also be used as a tool to import a video from a player offsite and to then provide expert analysis.

Nice tool!



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Feb 27/16 10:22am

Sounds great.  Will have to take a look.


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