White/Grey Caps - Practice #5

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada


The Wheel




The Relay


Sky Ball


The Guardian





Running drills:


Description: All players are side by side on a line.  Players do the exercise on a 45 feet distance, going and returning.


Variations and progressions:

A. Military walk

B. Shuffle steps

C. Sprint, baseball start




Description: Warming up with various exercises giving opportunities to stretch the body and prepare itself for baseball practice.

Throwing and receiving:


Exercise "The Wheel"


Description: In pairs, the players play catch using the proper mechanics.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

A. Players simulate the mechanics without a ball.

B. Players sit with leg crossed.

E. Players are executing on command:

1)           Throwing arm goes down

2)           Reach back

3)           Lift arm to shoulder height


Exercise "Handcuffs"


Description: Players pair up with each other or with a parent.  At a signal, players take a proper grip on the ball.

Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player

Variations and progression:

H. Standing up, throw the ball to a partner (or parent)




Exercise "T-Ball"


Description: With a partner or a coach located to the side of the player, ask player to hit the ball from a tee. Ensure the tee is placed in front of home plate and NOT on it. Others pick up the baseballs.


Equipment: T-ball, various bats and balls


Variation and progression:

A. Standard T-Ball


Key points:

Feet wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on the bat


Exercise "Drill with Pitcher"


Description: With a coach located at 20 feet in front of the player, toss the ball with both knees on the ground while asking the hitter to hit the ball.


Players are usually set up as follows:

- 2 players hitting

- 2 players catching behind hitters

- 1 player feeding balls to the coach

- rest of players in the field (gathering balls)


Players rotate (in pairs) from the field, to catching behind the hitters, to hitting, and finally back to the field.


After coach has thrown a ball to one hitter, he/she immediately throws the next pitch to the other hitter.


Players rotate after each group has had 10-15 quality swings.


Equipment: Balls and bats


Variations and progression:

A. One player per parent/coach using plastic bats and wiffle balls.

B. Baseball bats, small balls.


Key points:

Feet must be wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on bat




Exercise "The Relay"


Description: Split players into 2 groups (depending on the number of players). Each team forms a line. A hoola hoop filled with balls of different kinds is located 30 feet in front of each team, with two cones placed at 15 feet and 30 feet from the hoop.

When given a signal, a player goes to the hoop and from there tries to throw a ball at each cone. Two throws are allowed. The player then returns to the line and the next player attempts the task.



Several balls (2 minimum) of all kinds

2 cones per team so between 4 and 6 cones

2-3 hoops



Distance -  depending on players’ abilities (closer or farther)

A. If player hits 1st cone = 1 point, 2nd cone = 3 points; first team to finish = 2 points

B. You can add challenges... between line and hoop (be creative!).

C. Without cones and hoops, teams are in line. Players throw to a partner. First team to go all the way and back gets the point.


Exercise "Home Run"


Description: Hang targets on a backstop or fence. Place one group of three players at each target. Mark out 4 lines at various distances from the target. The closest line to the target is considered a single, the next closes a double, the next closest a triple, with the farthest line from the target being a Home Run. Distances can be adjusted, according to the ability of the players in the group.


Target: Single, double, triple, home run


Players choose which distance they throw from in order to hit the target. Points are awarded as follows:

single - 1 point

double - 2 points

triple - 3 points

home run - 4 points.  


Objective can be to see if each player can increase their points with each consecutive throw or it can be competitive based on the total number of points made in each group.


Key points:

Place 2-3 fingers on the ball, without paying attention to the seams.

Hold the ball with fingers instead of palm of hand

Step forward while pitching




Exercise "Sky Ball"


Description: 1 adult for every 2 players. Players will practice using high tosses from an adult. Self-competition can be included by:

1) Catching a higher ball each time

2) Number of consecutive catches


Equipment: 1 ball and glove for each player


Variation and progression:

B. Standing alone, players toss a badminton birdie and catch it with their hat

C. Standing alone, players toss a ball in the air and try to catch it bare handed


Key points:

Hands together slightly above forehead




Exercise "The Guardian"


Goal: Teach players a safe way to field a ground ball


Description: In pairs or with an adult, players, players practice fielding the ball (one knee down).


Variations and progression:

A. The players simulate the action without a ball

B. Same with a stationary ball

C. The coach rolls a ball and the players field the ball

D. The coach rolls the ball, the players field and throw the ball


Key Points:

Put one knee on the ground

Upper body must be behind the ball

Always face the ball