Head Shot

  Posted Nov 01/15 by Shawn Lockhart for Better Coaches

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  • This is a great drill that allows young players to test their own throwing accuracy.


  • Baseballs (1 between partners)
  • Gloves
  • Cones


  • Divide players into partners and line them up along one of the foul lines.
  • Players should stand 15-20 feet apart and position themselves as they would for the Stride and Throw drill.
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • 1 point is awarded for a ball that is caught around the head area.
    • 2 point are awarded if a ball caught around the shoulder and chest area.
    • Partners judge and keep track of each other's points.


  • Coaches should emphasize "fair play" between partners during this drill (ie. at times you may find that some players duck out of the way to avoid awarding their partner points). Each player must remain still and let the ball come to them, then judge the ball after it has been caught.
  • Emphasis should also be put on throwing accuracy, not velocity. 
    Remind players to position their hands in a "thumb to thumb" fashion for balls thrown above their waist, and "pinky to pinky" for balls thrown below their waist.