Box Throwing Drill

  Posted Nov 01/15 by Shawn Lockhart for Better Coaches

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  • This is a fun drill designed to develop ball awareness, as well as quick hands.
  • Improve players' footwork for throwing to the left, right, and straight in front of them.


  • Baseballs (up to 3 per group)
  • Gloves
  • Cones


  • Divide players into groups of four.
  • Players should be positioned 10-20 feet apart depending on arm strength.
  • Progressions are as follows:
    • Round 1 - Ball is thrown to the left (video 1)
    • Round 2 - Ball is thrown to the right (video 2)
    • Round 3 - Ball is thrown across then right (video 3)
    • Round 4 - Ball is thrown across then left


  • As players develop more confidence, the coach can add more balls.
  • Note: it may be a good idea to use incrediballs or softees for this drill
  • Players should throw the ball using a 4 seam grip and aim for their partner's chest.