White Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Kangaroo


Le kangourou



White Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills - Agility - Jump over a line for 10 reps using your own type of jump

Drill : The Kangaroo

Goal: Introduction to agility using jumping as a mean. Athletes learn proper landing technique in order to be safe during jumping movements.


Athletes are split into teams, a line of the field is used to mark the starting point.

The athletes take turns by alternating with the other team, jumping towards their opponents with a standing two foot jump. Each jump is marked by a marker (eg. Glove or helmet). Each jumper tries to push the chicken further onto the opponent’s side of line. The goal is to have the marker on the opponent’s side after the last person has jumped.

Equipment: small cones, markers, line of fields

Variation & Progression: Use different height and length for jumps.