Red Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Juggling in pairs


Jongler à deux



Red Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills


Coordination – Juggling 2 balls with 2 hands for 5 seconds using transfer or cross method


Drill: Juggling in pairs


Goal: Introduce the importance of eye-hand coordination to athletes.


Description: Players are placed in pairs. Holding a ball in their right hand, the players are exchanging (under hand toss) their ball to their partner at the same time, making sure they throw the ball with their right hand and receive it with their left hand. (Catch and Throw using only ones hand). Repeat the same drill with opposite hands (throw from right and catch with left).  


Equipment: baseballs or any type of balls


Variation & Progression:

-             Repeat under toss with right hand while executing shuffle steps towards one direction.

-             Repeat previous exercise tossing from left

-             Repeat first exercise with one hop from the right side

-             Repeat second exercise with one hop from the left side

-             Repeat exercise with athletes moving in circle