Red Cap - Throwing

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Red Cap – Throwing


Roll 5 balls to a player standing at the shortstop position and have the player throw 3/5 balls to a player positioned on 1st base. At this stage it is possible to judge a player’s ability to throw the ball the full distance to 1st base without the ball bouncing. 


Below is a drill which can be used to prepare players for this task:




Objective:         Practice throwing and receiving



- 1 adult for every 2 players or players in partners if they are capable of throwing and catching the ball back and forth

- Every time a ball is caught by one of the two players, they get a letter from the word “CHAMP”. Partners can compete against other partners to see which pair can spell “CHAMP” first. Letters can be awarded for good throws back to the adult as well.


Variation and progression:

                             Let players select their own words (e.g. Barney, elephant, etc.)


Equipment:      1 ball for every 2 players