Grey Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada


Up and Down


En haut et en bas



Grey Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills - Balance – Stay in the pitching balance position for 5 seconds, on both sides.


Drill: Up and Down


Goal: Introduce players to the importance of balance in baseball.


Description: All players are lined up with no glove and a baseball in their dominant hand. At the coach signal, all players put their weight on their dominant foot while having the other foot off the ground (they are now standing on one foot). Without losing balance, kids have to put the ball on the ground and come back up without their free foot touching the ground. Repeat it up to 3 times.


Equipment: Baseballs


Variation & Progression:

-             Put the ball on the ground using different locations creating athlete to make short rotation

-             After picking up the ball, ask athlete to pick it up again and then make 2 hops before doing it again

-             Do a relay run on one foot.