Grey Cap - Throwing

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Wheel





Grey Cap – Throwing


With a partner or a coach standing in front of the kid at 10 feet, ask the player to throw the ball. The accuracy is not important at this stage. We just want the player to be able to reach the distance. Below is a drill you can use to prepare your players for this task:





•            Teach the proper mechanics when throwing a ball.



•            In pairs, the players play catch using the proper mechanics


Variations & Progression:

•            A. Players simulate the mechanics without a ball.

•            B. Players sits with legs crossed

•            C. On both knees

•            D. On 1 knee (throwing arm’s knee)

•            E. Players are executing on command: 1) throwing arm goes down; 2) reach back; 3) lift arm to shoulder height

•            F. Execute 3 circles before throwing (small, medium, large)

•            G. Add one step with the glove side (giant step), just before throwing


Key Points:

•            Explain that the longer the arm circle, the faster the arm speed (small wheel vs. big wheel)

•            Make sure they hold the ball right, facing away.

•            Glove foot goes forward while throwing




Incrediball for each player