Grey Cap - Receiving

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The crocodile


Le crocodile



Grey Cap – Receiving


With the coach located 15 feet in front of the player, roll 5 balls to the player. In order to succeed, the player must field 3 of the 5 balls. Below is a drill that can be used to prepare players for this task:





Goal:    Teach and reinforce the proper way to receive a ground ball



Coach instructs the players to simulate the proper way to receive a ground ball. With a partner or a parent located in front of the player, roll the ball underhand to the player.   Look for players who will field the ball with two hands.   It is recommended starting on two knees and bare handed in order to isolate the movement. For younger players, it is recommended to use a parent as a partner.


Variations & Progression

•            Simulate receiving the ball

•            Coach rolls a ground ball

•            In pairs, one player rolls the ball and the other receives it

•            With and without gloves

•            With different type of balls


Key Points:

•            Always put hands out like a crocodile’s mouth

•            “Pet” the ball when receiving it

•            Feet and hands form a triangle



                             Several types of balls (minimum 1 per player) and bigger balls.