Read and React

  Posted Nov 01/15 by Shawn Lockhart for Better Coaches

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  • This drill specifically focuses on what runners should do at second base with less than two outs.


  • Baseball Diamond
  • Bases / Throwdowns
  • Balls (5-10)


  • Organize players into one line at second base.
  • Each player takes a lead as the pitcher comes set and waits for the ball.
  • Coach stands on the mound and goes through the pitching delivery. After pretending to throw the ball, coach turns around and throws a ground ball towards the runner at second - or - coach stands beside the mound and hits ground balls with a fungo.
  • Situations are as follows:
    • Ball hit in the air - freeze and get back to the bag (video 1)
    • Ball hit in front of runner - back to the bag (video 2)
    • Ball hit directly at or behind the runner - advance to third (video 3)


  • Base runners at first base should be able to read the baseball in the air to home plate, if this is done, the runner can leave first and go to second base before the baseball hits in front of the plate.