White/Grey Caps - Practice #2

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Wheel


Light Toss


The Net


The relay


Catch the ball like an egg


The Crocodile





Running drills:


Description: All players are side by side on a line.  Players do the exercise on a 45 feet distance, going and returning.


Variations and progressions:

G. Sitting, use only arms

B. High knees

F. Heel to butt

A. Military walk




Description: Warming up with various exercises giving opportunities to stretch the body and prepare itself for baseball practice.


Throwing and receiving:


Exercise "Handcuffs"


Description: Players pair up with each other or with a parent.  At a signal, players take a proper grip on the ball.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

B. Players are seated, pick the ball off the ground and show it to a partner (or parent)

D. Players are seated, throw the ball (2 feet high) and throw it to partner (or parent)

*Make sure the grip is appropriate


Exercise "The Wheel"


Description: In pairs, the players play catch using the proper mechanics.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

E. Players are executing on command:

1)           Throwing arm goes down

2)           Reach back

3)           Lift arm to shoulder height

*Appropriate arm action




Exercise "T-Ball"


Description: With a partner or a coach located to the side of the player, ask player to hit the ball from a tee. Ensure the tee is placed in front of home plate and NOT on it. Others pick up the baseballs.


Equipment: T-ball, various bats and balls


Variation and Progression:

A. Standard T-Ball

E. 3 swings and hit


Key points:

Feet wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on the bat


Exercise "Light Toss"


Description: Players can do this in pairs or in groups of three (each group needs 6-10 baseballs). With a partner or a coach located at 45 degrees beside the batter, simply ask the player to hit the ball tossed underhand.


Get one player to kneel in front and to the side of the hitter and toss a ball with little or no arc in front of them.


After the hitter has had 10-15 quality swings, get the players to switch. The pitcher should keep the delivery consistent so that hitters can find their timing.


Equipment: Various bats and balls


Variations and Progressions:

A. Regular toss at 45 degrees


Key points:

Feet wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on the bat




Exercise "The Net"


Description: Divide the players into 2 equal groups on each side of the net.


Using all soft balls and wiffle balls, ask players to pick a ball off the ground and to throw it over the net. Both teams are throwing and receiving balls over the net for one minute before taking a break and then repeating the exercise.


A little competition can be created where the goal is to send all balls to the other side.



A minimum of 6 soft balls or wiffle balls

Screen or net


Variations and progressions:

Players are located farther from the net.


Key points:

Make sure the grip is appropriate

Glove side foot forward when throwing


Exercise "The Relay"


Description: Split players into 2 groups (depending on the number of players). Each team forms a line. A hoola hoop filled with balls of different kinds is located 30 feet in front of each team, with two cones placed at 15 feet and 30 feet from the hoop.


When given a signal, a player goes to the hoop and from there tries to throw a ball at each cone. Two throws are allowed. The player then returns to the line and the next player attempts the task.



Several balls (2 minimum) of all kinds

2 cones per team so between 4 and 6 cones

2-3 hoops


Variations and progression:

Distance -  depending on players’ abilities (closer or farther)

A. If player hits 1st cone = 1 point, 2nd cone = 3 points; first team to finish = 2 points

B. You can add challenges... between line and hoop (be creative!).

C. Without cones and hoops, teams are in line.  Players throw to a partner.   First team to go all the way and back gets the point.




Exercise "Catch the ball like an egg"


Description: With a partner or a coach located in front of the player at a distance of 6 feet, throw the ball underhand to the player. Look for players who will catch the ball with two hands.


Place players opposite each other at a distance of 6 feet. With players on 2 knees, and bare handed, have the players play catch throwing the ball under hand. For younger players, it would be a good idea to match a player with a parent.


Variations and progression:


A. On both knees, use foam balls

C. On both knees, use tennis balls


Key points:

Reach out for the ball

Bring hands toward the body when catching the ball


Exercise "The Crocodile"


Description: Coach instructs the players to simulate the proper way to receive a ground ball.


Equipment: Several types of balls (minimum 1 per player) and bigger balls.


Variations and progression:

A. Simulate receiving the ball

B. Coach rolls a ground ball

*Do exercise with and without gloves


Key points:

Always put hands out like a crocodile's mouth

"Pet" the ball when receiving it

Feet and hands form a triangle