White/Grey Caps - Practice #3

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Wheel


Sky Ball


The Target





Running drills:


Description: All players are side by side on a line.  Players do the exercise on a 45 feet distance, going and returning.


Variations and progressions:

G. Sitting, use only arms

B. High knees

F. Heel to butt

A. Military walk




Description: Warming up with various exercises giving opportunities to stretch the body and prepare itself for baseball practice.


Throwing and receiving:


Exercise "Handcuffs"


Description: Players pair up with each other or with a parent. At a signal, players take a proper grip on the ball.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

E. On two knees, pick the ball off the ground and throw it to partner (or parent)

G. On two knees, throw the ball to a partner (or parent)

H. Standing up, throw the ball to a partner (or parent)

*Make sure grip is appropriate


Exercise "The Wheel"


Description: In pairs, the players play catch using the proper mechanics.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

E. Players are executing on command:

1)           Throwing arm goes down

2)           Reach back

3)           Lift arm to shoulder height

*Appropriate arm action




Exercise "T-Ball"


Description: With a partner or a coach located to the side of the player, ask the player to hit the ball from a tee. Ensure the tee is placed in front of home plate and NOT on it. Others pick up the baseballs.


Equipment: T-ball, various bats and balls


Bats: baseball, plastic, cut hockey stick, small, large, ...

Balls: baseball, wiffles, tennis, softballs, foam balls, large, ...


Variations and progression:

A. Standard T-ball

B. Hit the ball through a hoop


Key points:

Feet must be wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on bat




Exercise "The Challenge"


Description: All players are at home plate. At their turn (after player in front has reached 1st base), players round the bases. Between each base, there is a challenge to perform.


Equipment: Set of bases (minimum of 4), various items for challenges


Challenge examples:

A. Backpedal

B. Rounding cones

C. Roll

D. Jump between sticks

E. Pass under a stick on 2 cones

F. Jump over a partner

G. Shuffle steps or other running drills

H. T-ball

I. Field a ball, throw to the coach

J. Etc ... (be creative)


Key points:

More than one ability can be incorporated.



Exercise "Gotcha"


Description: Place 2-4 groups of players at each base or at home plate and 2nd base depending on number of players. Set up bases in diamond formation 20–30 feet apart.


On the signal “Go,” one player from each group starts running around the bases. The objective is to run past the person ahead of you.


Score 1 point for your team for every player passed.


Run for a set period of time (15-30 seconds).


Equipment:      4 bases


Variation and progression:

A. Use parents so players can try to pass them

B. Backpedal


Key points:

At all time, players must touch all bases




Exercise "Sky Ball"



1 adult for every 2 players. Players will practice using high tosses from an adult. Self-competition can be included by:

              1) Catching a higher ball each time

              2) Number of consecutive catches


Equipment: 1 ball and glove for each player


Variation and progression:

A. Standing alone, players toss a badminton birdie and let it bounce on their head

B. Standing alone, players toss a badminton birdie and catch it with their hat


Key points:

Hands together slightly above forehead




Exercise "The Target"


Description: While using the proper throwing technique (giant step, arm action and grip), the player tries to reach a target from an appropriate distance to be successful.


Players are placed in 2-3 columns and throw one after the other. A parent, located behind the fence returns the balls to the next player in line.


Equipment: Balls, target (can filled with water, Graco basketball hoop or target bullseye)


Variations and Progression:

Change distance in relation to the players’ abilities.


Key points:

Make sure the grip is appropriate

Glove side foot forward when throwing