Teaching Slider Recognition to 15 year old eyes (Where's the button?)

  Posted by Tom Bertin for Baseball Canada
Oct 01/17 5:45pm
Hi All,

I'm trying to teach pitch recognition to a 15 year old with 20/20 vision. He can pick up the pitcher's slot and the ball's predicted path. He tells me he is able to somewhat discertain the spin and the laces.

Does anyone have HD (1080p or greater) video of a slider from the batter's point of view?

(I'm trying to communicate the idea of the "button" on the left-hand side of the baseball as per Baker's "You Can Teach Hitting" (ISBN = 0940279738)). I have video of Sergio Romo throwing his slider but the video is of too poor quality. Real life mound work isn't helping either.

If I'm not making sense, please have a look at:

(Pictures and video are infinitely better than words.)

Yours in baseball,

Tom Bertin
w w w dot t o m b e r t i n dot c a


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Oct 02/17 4:16pm

One piece of advice is that with Romo you're looking in the wrong place if you want to see the dot on a slider. That link has a good visual on what the dot look like though.

Oct 02/17 5:41pm

Thank you Coach Barclay... It's very difficult to see something that doesn't exist... Taking Romo out of the equation (for now obvious reasons), I'd like to re-ask my original question... Does anyone have HD video from the batter's perspective of what the dot looks like?


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