Non-Baseball Canada Sanctioned Org. Using the Term "Committed" - Does it Mean Anything Really?

  Posted by Tom Bertin for Baseball Canada
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Jan 31/19 7:23pm


  Hope this finds all of you well…

  So…  Let’s back it a bit…  June of 2018 – Player X tells me that he is going to go back to his EBLO (Baseball Ontario’s Elite program) team and play that one final year (as an overaged player (is this even possible?) with the hope of getting some scholarship money somewhere south of the 49th...  Player X is a southpaw, bright 6th-tool guy, good command of FB, CB, CHUP with above average velo… and tall (lots of levers)…  I, quite frankly, don’t understand why there weren’t any nibbles before June of 2018…  (Although he was quite thin then…)  Anyways, I’m rambling…

  Fast forward to about 2 months ago…  I see one of the local non-Baseball Canada sanctioned organizations broadcasting their minds off on social media that he has now committed to School Y.  My question is not “How did this happen?” or even “What did the other org do to get him there?”…  I think I know the answers to those questions.  My question is: Is there anyway to find out how much money School Y is giving Player X, the conditions therein, etc…  Or is the magic word “privacy” in play here…


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