Tee Work

  Posted Nov 01/15 by Shawn Lockhart for Better Coaches

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  • Probably the most basic of all hitting drills, hitting off a tee is a great way to develop a player's swing. Since the ball is stationary, this drill eliminates all other elements of hitting including pitch location, velocity, and fear of the baseball, and allows the player to focus primarily on their swing.


  • Basballs (10-15)
  • Sock Screen / Fence
  • 1 Tee per hitter
  • 1 Bat per hitter


  • This is a good drill to do in pairs or groups of 3.
  • Place a batting tee approximately 3-4 feet away from a wall or screen.
  • This is a simple drill that can be done anywhere.
  • Hitter places a ball on the tee, sets up, and takes a swing when ready.
  • After player has made contact with the ball, coach/player places another ball on the tee and waits for next repetition.
  • After 6-10 swings, players switch.
  • Set up for teams with 3 or more tees:
    • 1 hitter per tee
    • On coach's command, players take ready positions, swing, then gather up baseballs and place them back on the tee.
    • NOTE: this set up is designed for maximum safety. The more hitting tees a team has, the more coaches should take caution for the drill.


  • Make sure hitter is striding and pivoting correctly, rotating hips, and throwing their hands straight to the ball.
  • There is no need to rush during this drill. Allow players to take their time when setting up and getting ready.
  • Imagine the pitcher out in front of you, follow the ball into the hitting zone, then complete the swing.
  • Emphasis should be placed on quick hands and "swinging through the ball."
  • After each player has taken 8-10 quality swings rotate them.