Black Cap - Receiving

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Black Cap – Receiving


With a partner or coach standing in front of the player at 10 feet, throw the ball in the air at approximately 15 feet. Look for players who will catch the ball using both hands.  To succeed, the player must catch 3 fly balls out of the 5 balls thrown. Below is a drill that can be used to prepare players for this task:




Goal:  Improve use of glove and positioning when catching fly balls


Description:     1 adult for every 2 players. Players will practice using high tosses from an adult.

                             Self-competition can be included by:

                             1) Catching a higher ball each time

                             2) Number of consecutive catches


Variation and progression:

A.          Standing alone, players toss a badminton birdie and let it bounce on their head

B.           Standing alone, players toss a badminton birdie and catch it with their hat

C.           Standing alone, players toss a ball in the air and try to catch it bare handed

D.          Coach throws the ball

E.           Coach hits a badminton birdie

F.           With or without a glove


Key points:       Hands together slightly above forehead

Equipment:      1 ball and glove for each player