Black Cap - Baserunning

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Stop and go


Débuter et arrêter



Black Cap - Baserunning – Able to run 2 bases and stopping at the final base

Drill: Stop and Go

Goal: Introduce players to deceleration when reaching a base safely.

Description: Distribute players at the 4 bases. At the coach’s signal, have the first player at each base to run full speed towards the next base. Using a whistle or another communication mean, ask players to execute a quick stop at your signal. Players should be able to stop with a maximum of 3 short steps. Next player in line starts on the next go until all players are involved. Repeat couple of times.  

Equipment: None

Variation & Progression: Use same exercise while having players stop on the next base without running past the base.