Green Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Hurdle Slalom


Slalom avec obstacles



Green Cap - Fundamental Movement Skills


Agility – Touch 6 cones placed in a star shape while always looking forward


Drill: Hurdle Slalom


Goal: Introduce players to change of direction.


Description: Place 2 sets of 4 hurdles (bats) on the ground separated each by about 6 feet. Position the hurdles so they are NOT in straight line forcing kids to change direction before jumping the next one.

Break the group in 2 groups and explain the players they will be competing in a relay race against the other team. On the coach signal, the first player from each line executes the run and comes back using the same pattern (run, jump with 2 feet together, change direction etc…). First team to have all players complete the run wins.


Equipment: Bats or other sticks (8 total)


Variation & Progression:

-             Add a 3rd team to allow for more repetitions.

-             Add a baseball at the end of the fourth hurdle and ask each player to bring one back or use it as a relay item.

-             Ask player to use one way to go and use the other way to come back.