Red Cap - Receiving

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada


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Red Cap – Receiving


With a coach standing in front of the player at 15 feet, the player will receive 5 ground balls, 5 fly balls and 5 thrown balls. The player must catch 13 balls out of 15 total. Below is a drill that can be used to prepare players for this task:




Goal:                  Help players catch the ball from every direction



In pairs with no gloves, players face each other about 6 feet apart. Stationary, players throw the ball up in the air, left, right and below the waist; the receiving player must catch the ball without moving their feet.


Variations & Progression:

•            Use gloves

•            Use tennis balls

•            Use foam balls


Key Points:

•            Put thumbs together when catching balls chest high or higher to the left and right

•            Put pinkies together when catching balls below the waist

•            Fingers always pointing to the outside

•            Catch the ball using both hands