Red Cap - Baserunning

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada




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Red Cap - Baserunning


A coach is standing down at 3rd base. The player takes a position at 1st base keeping only one foot on the base. When the player is ready, the coach says ”Go” so the player can leave. To be successful, the player has to run the distance with a correct slide at 3rd base using the proper criteria: bend leg to height of calf, leg extended in the air, hands in the air, weight on the butt, upper body raised. Below is a drill to prepare players for this task:





Goal:                  Improve base sliding techniques


Description:     Place the mat on an open field. Have players line up in single file approximately 10 to 15 feet away from the mat. Have players run and complete the slide into the mat, one player at a time. For all sliding techniques, the coach can shorten the "run up" distance to slow the players down and focus on the technique of the slide, then slowly increase the speed of the players after they feel more comfortable.


Variation and progression:     

A-          Final position

B-          Sliding with legs forming a 4.

C-          Football slide

D-          Run and slide at 10-15 feet distance


Key points:

Bent Leg Slide:

o            Make sure the players have their hands in the air to avoid injury.

o           Stay low throughout the approach of the slide in order to decrease the amount of impact with the ground.