Grey Cap - Hitting

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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Grey Cap - Hitting


With a partner or a coach standing beside the player, simply ask the player to hit the ball off the tee. Contact with 3 of 5 balls in fait territory is important here, not distance. Ensure the tee is placed in front of home plate and NOT directly on home plate. Below is a drill that can be used to prepare players for this task:





Goal:                  Introduce players to the perfect batting stance


Description:     1 group of 4-6. 1 batter while the others field.  Batter will bat off a Tee or via adult-pitch. Each batter gets 10 swings or hits. Fielder can get points by fielding the ball, * 100 for caught fly, * 50 for one bouncer, * 25 for a grounder


Variation and Progression:

-             Small balls, no glove

-             Wiffle balls, no glove

-             Tennis balls, with glove

-             Incrediballs with glove


Key points

                             Feet wider than shoulders

                             Hands high and back

                             Hands together on the bat