Grey Cap - Baserunning

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Transition


La transition



Grey Cap - Baserunning - Able to hit off a tee and run through 1st base.


Drill: The Transition


Goal: To expose the player from transitioning from hitting to running.


Description: For safety reason and to avoid hitters from throwing their bats, ask all players to take the final hitting position (follow through). Starting from that position, ask athletes to a. drop the bat and b. initiate a run to 1st base. Emphasize the importance of the first 3 quick steps only. Repeat again. Make sure all athletes execute at same time with no wait time.


Equipment: Bats and running corridors.


Variation & Progression: Repeat same exercise with athletes running until half distance to 1st base. Repeat with full distance. Allow proper rest between repetitions.