Up The Line

  Posted Nov 01/15 by Shawn Lockhart for Better Coaches



  • This drill specifically focuses on executing a proper crossover step when advancing to the next base.


  • Baseball Diamond or any other open grass area that has a straight line drawn with chalk or paint.


  • Organize players into one line at one end of the line (note: this drill can be done anywhere there is a straight line on the field. It does not have to be performed from home to first or first to second).
  • Each player approaches the line, performs a crossover step with the left foot and continues running down the line.
  • Coach should emphasize to players that each stride should land on the chalk line.


  • Since the emphasis should be placed on proper footwork, coaches need to stress to players to start slow then gradually increase their speed.
  • It may help to teach some players to line up with their right foot slightly back behind the line, making it easier to perform a crossover step and land directly on the line.