Black/Green Caps - Practice #1

  Posted Nov 11/19 by André Lachance for Baseball Canada

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The Wheel


Between The Two


Catch the ball like an egg


All Messed-up


The Train





Running drills:


Description: All players are side by side on a line. Players do the exercise on a 45 feet distance, going and returning.


Variations and progression:

G. Sitting, use only arms

B. High knees

A. Military walk




Description: Warming up with various exercises giving opportunities to stretch the body and prepare itself for baseball practice.


Throwing and receiving:


Exercise "Handcuffs"


Description: Players pair up with each other or with a parent. At a signal, players take a proper grip on the ball.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

C. Players are seated, pick the ball off the ground and throw it to a partner (or parent)


Exercise "The Wheel"


Description: In pairs, the players play catch using the proper mechanics.


Equipment: 1 “Incrediball” for each player


Variations and progression:

C. On both knees

E. Players are executing on command:

1)           Throwing arm goes down

2)           Reach back

3)           Lift arm to shoulder height




Exercise "Between the Two"


Description:     Each player has a bat in their hands.  Copy every different position the coach takes. Every time the coach asks the players how to position themselves, they answer: “Between the two”. In all cases, you want “Between the two” extremes as a better method for your hitters to start from.


Equipment: 1 "bat" per player


Variations & Progression:

A. Close feet vs. wide feet (wide vs. compact stance)

B. Straight legs vs. bent legs

C. High hands vs. low hands

D. Bat pointing straight up vs. lying on shoulder

E. Complete swings without ball


Key Points:

Feet must be wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on bat


Exercise "T-Ball"


Description: With a partner or a coach located to the side of the player, ask player to hit the ball from a tee. Ensure the tee is placed in front of home plate and NOT on it. Others pick up the baseballs. 


Equipment: T-ball, various bats and balls


Variation and Progression:     

A. Standard t-ball

E. 3 swings and hit


Key points:

Feet wider than shoulders

Hands high and back

Hands together on the bat




Exercise "Catch the ball like an egg"


Description: With a partner or a coach located in front of the player at a distance of 6 feet, throw the ball underhand to the player. Look for players who will catch the ball with two hands.


Place players opposite each other at a distance of 6 feet. With players on 2 knees, and bare handed, have the players play catch throwing the ball under hand. For younger players, it would be a good idea to match a player with a parent.


Variations and progression:


C. On both knees, use tennis balls

D. Standing up, no glove, use tennis balls or bigger balls, throw with one bounce


Key points:

Reach out for the ball

Bring hands toward the body when catching the ball


Exercise "All Messed-up"


Description: In pairs with no gloves, players face each other about 6 feet apart. Stationary, players throw the ball up in the air, left, right and below the waist; the receiving player must catch the ball without moving their feet.


Equipment: Various balls


Variations and progression:

- Use gloves

- Use tennis balls

- Use foam balls


Key points

Put thumbs together when catching balls chest high or higher to the left and right

Put pinkies together when catching balls below the waist

Fingers always pointing to the outside

Catch the ball using both hands




Exercise "The Train"


Description: Starting from home plate, players form a line and walk around the bases, saying the name of the base as they touch it. Parents can join in this activity.


Equipment: Set of bases (minimum of 4)


Variations and progression:

B. Individually, done while jogging

C. Individually, done while backpedaling

D. Have players start at different bases


Key points:

Player must learn to run on the right side


Exercise "Tag Baseball"


Description: Install hoops behind 1st base and home plate. Install hoops on 2nd and 3rd base. One or some players have the tag. Players have to reach the next base while following the base paths. Player with the tag must leave the mound to touch players.


Equipment: Set of bases (4) and hoops (4)


Variation and progression:

A. Ask parents to participate


Key points:

Possibility to pass 1st base and home plate

Make sure to avoid too many players at each base