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Access to resources shared by other coaches

Easily browse and search through hundreds of resources organized by coach, organization, level, and category. Resources are constantly being added by fellow coaches.

Organize your favorite resources

Quickly organize or bundle your favorite resources for use in your practices or to share with your peers.

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The following have been provided from some of Canada's most credible references:

Ray Carter
President of Baseball Canada

"This program will be one of the most significant additions to the ongoing development of Baseball coaching in Canada and beyond."

Jeff Francis
Major League Pitcher

"Better coaches.com is invaluable to both coaches and players at any level in the baseball community. This large collection of drills and creative strategies/philosophies is greatly beneficial to the skill development of players while at the same heightens their enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. It is great to have a place to which coaches can turn for new and ever-changing ideas to teach the skills necessary to excel."

Jeff Zimmerman
Major League Pitcher

"The concept of an online coaching resource is a valuable innovation for the baseball community. Coaches and players alike will benefit from the quality and depth of material available. From running a more efficient practice to baseball specific strength and conditioning, the Better Coaches.com covers all the bases."

Terry McKaig
Director of Baseball
The University of British Columbia

"I am a firm believer that Canadian baseball coaches lack proper resources to help them conduct high quality practice sessions. I find too often, that coaches are teaching drills that they learned as a kid. The game of baseball has developed because of computers and technology and coaching must keep up. This is why a coaching resource library is a great idea and one that is long overdue. I strongly recommend it as I feel it will only continue to help develop the best coaches and players possible throughout Canada."

Gary Sinclair, Ph. D.
Associate Professor Emeritus
School of Human Kinetics, UBC

"This pedagogically sound instructional program is, in reality, a 'learning laboratory' which reflects a thoughtful integration of the principles of childhood growth and motor development as well as an astute awareness of the stages of motor skill acquisition and the characteristics of skill progression. Coaches, at all levels, will find this long overdue addition to the Baseball instructional literature an invaluable resource to help them design 'practices with a purpose', that is, effective and efficient practices that will permit the young player not only to progress daily, but will also be appropriately challenging and enjoyable."

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  • Browse Drills, Videos, Files, Links, and Coaches
  • Post questions/comments to Forum
  • Follow, favorite, rate, and group your favorite resources.
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  • Create and share drills, videos, files, and links
  • Detailed Analytics of your content
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